There are tons of ways you can get involved! Whether you’re tech-minded, love interacting with children, or just want to jump in and help, we’ll find a place for you.

What We’re Looking For

  • The "GO" Team

    This is the first responders – the people that are ready to go in a moment’s notice when a disaster hits to set up our home base and begin working with the people of the community.

  • Manual Laborers

    Lifting up to 50lbs, running chainsaws, shoveling, cleaning up debris and brush.

  • Equipment Operators

    Wood chippers, skid steers, dump trailers , trucks, etc.

  • Food Team

    People who are willing to prepare, cook, and serve food. Also, clean up and maintain a sanitary kitchen.

  • Child Care Team

    Provide childcare for SHINE volunteers.

  • Tech Department

    Run the sound and light booth for a worship and church service.

  • Worship Team

    Singers/musicians of any kind!

  • Medical Care Professionals

    Any medical professional to help care for SHINE volunteers

Give Financially

As with anything in life, we cannot operate a ministry without funding. We know God has great plans for this ministry, and we are grateful to those of you who can give financially.

What We’re Looking For

  • Monthly Partners

    Pledge to support us on a monthly basis.

  • One-Time Donors

    If you feel compelled to give a one-time donation, thank you!

  • Tax-Deductible

    Remember that all donations are tax-deductible.

Donate Resources

As you can imagine, the clean-up and rebuilding process requires a lot of different resources. We’ve compiled a small list of items needed.

What We’re Looking For

  • Vehicles

    Semi-trucks, semi-trailers, misc vehicles

  • Corded Power Tools

    Skill saws, Sawzalls, 50′ extension cords, large & small roto-hammers, submersible water pumps

  • Large Equipment

    Wood chippers, pull-behind generators (10,000-20,000W), portable light plants, skid steers

  • Small Equipment

    Chainsaw, generators (2,000-4,000W), 3″ water pumps, gas-powered quickie saws

  • Cordless Power Tools

    20 am drills, sawzalls, impact drivers, flashlights

  • Large Hand Tools

    Square shovels, spade shovels, fan rakes, brooms, 8lb sledge hammers, head lamps, garden rakes, post hole diggers, flashlights, sqeegees

  • Small Hand Tools

    20 oz. Hammers, Phillips Screw Drivers, Regular Screw Drivers, 6” Crescent Wrench, 12” Crescent wrench, 2-3 lb. Hammers, 4’ Johnson Bars, 6’ Johnson Bars, 12” Pry Bars, 10” Channel Locks

Pray For Us

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”
1 Thess 5:16-18

What To Pray For

  • Startup And Growth of SHINE

    Pray that resources come in and that we are connected to people and businesses that can and will help! Pray that we are good stewards of all that He gives us.

  • SHINE Leadership Team

    Pray that we can keep our eyes fixed on Christ, and that we seek Him and His kingdom first. That we are obedient to His calling. That our families would grow in Christ’s love. Pray against the enemy and any attempts to tear this ministry apart.

  • SHINE Team

    Pray that we are safe and healthy. Pray that we could deliver relief and necessities to people who need it. Pray for the people we are away from. Pray for security and peace. Pray that we could hear God’s words to deliver directly to people who may be doubting His love for them.

  • Those We're Going To Help

    Pray that people would be saved through Jesus Christ. Pray that entire families would be changed forever! Pray that we can help people LOVE their neighbors and connect with others in a meaningful way.